Value Added Service

The UKF Groups Value Added Services

The UKF Group are a stockist and processor of stainless steel tube,
bar, sheet and much more…

For a more information on each of the Value Added Services UKF offers,
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Laser Cutting

Our state of the art fibre laser tube cutters provide many benefits over traditional cutting methods, including improved precision, better edge quality and the ability to cut complex shapes.

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Saw Cutting

The Company has a purpose-built cutting shop that contains a bank of modern state of the art fully automatic and semi-automatic saws as well as handsaw and bandsaw cutting.


By perforating tube and not sheet allows for a more flexible approach to perforating to customers own unique patterns


Our tube bending suite consists of six, state-of-the-art all electric, multi stack tube bending machines capable of processing 19.05mm diameter to 80mm diameter tube with a maximum wall thickness of 3mm.


Manipulation is offered in the form of simple end forming, expansion of the tube ends to complex shapes using notching, piercing, cruxiforming and many more methods.


UKF has its own in-house polishing facility that enables a speedy turnaround in the supply of polished tube.

Flowdill / Threading

Flowdrill is a tungsten carbide friction drilling process that allows the wall thickness of the material to be elongated enough to be threaded to a desire pitch

Welding & Fabrication

To compliment all of UKF’s other processes UKF Group can offer a fill turnkey solution by using our in-house fabrication department to manufacture a fully finished, fabricated assembly.